範例二 (修改後)

I am dedicated to studying in building surveying as it furnished me expertise in building technology, operating advanced instruments in construction which I am really interested in and suits me the most. I am thrilled to be a building surveyor, which will have the opportunity to service buildings and identify potential hazards, hence can minimize accidents and save lives.


Attending the Intelligent Sensing Technology summer institute hosted by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology further honed my interest in physics and mathematics. Aside, I also read a lot of magazines, books and essays about construction management at my free time.  For example, I am aware that the Singapore and Hong Kong government are pushing property developers to use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to minimize wastage in the construction process.  However, the Hong Kong government is adopting a more liberal approach in pushing BIM as the industry standard when compare to the Singapore government and of course different approach and attitude from the government yields different results and adoption rates.  So, building surveying is not only a subject that saves lives but it is also very much a social science.


I am an outgoing person and enjoy interacting with others in order to broaden my social network and I always captured some new and innovative ideas during conversations. Apart from that, I am the person who is highly respect in teamwork, as the old saying goes 'Teamwork makes dream work', every person have their specialty so we have to co-operate with each other in order to complement each other and work effectively. Furthermore, I am pretty optimistic, I understand that life always meet obstacles and low times, it is inevitable, so I accept and live with it. 


When I was a committee member of my school's Interact Club, I used to participate in planning and holding activities to serve others, such as children, elderly and descendants of minorities. I have acquired various skills in serving specific type of people as well as sharpened my organization and communication skills especially working with the members from other schools. 


Other than study in school, I also participated in the student guidance team to provide mentorship for younger students. I passionately served as a volunteer and got recognition from the social welfare department of the Hong Kong Government.  I hope to bring this serving spirit to my future university.   I am looking forward to study in a university that can furnish me professionally and yet with a global view.


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