範例一 (修改前)

University is a place that helps us to broaden our vision. It also helps us to better ourselves with knowledge we learnt, and to me, University can undoubtedly give me a consummate preparation for my future career. Among the numerous categories and majors we can choose, marketing appeals to me the most. I clearly understand the importance of marketing to every company. Whether it is a small corporation or a big company, the department of marketing also plays an overriding role. Marketing is a combination of both creativity and the theoretical side. I believe the subjects I currently study, my interest and my achievements have all contributed to my passion towards this subject.

I am now studying Economics and Visual Arts, these two subjects are perfect in enhancing my entrepreneurial creativity, as well as the problem-solving skills. In Economics, I get to learn not only calculations and graph illustrations, but more importantly, I have the chance to build upon my analytical skills by understanding different theories which I can fully utilise in my future educational courses. For the creative side, Visual Art is indubitably a subject that harness my creativity. I have been loving art and crafts since I was a little girl, and my father is a graphic designer and owns his own business. Therefore, I have a lot more contact with art. Despite the drawing skills and art history, I have learnt how to think out of the box and think creatively in doing my art assignments and projects. The way I can exhibit my creativity will no doubt assist me in my future study.


Upon my acknowledgement, cognition to different industries is also something important for marketing as it exists in almost every kinds of businesses , I worked in a marketing department in a well-known hotel, St. Regis, during summer vacation for a short period of time. It wasn't really meant to be a summer job to me, but an extraordinary experience for me to expose with the job of marketing in a hotel, offered from my uncle who works as the manager in Shanghai St. Regis. It was really a memorable experience and what's more is that having this opportunity made me understand how promotion and advertisements can boost up the recognition and popularity of a hotel. This experience is also a juncture to where I explored my interest in marketing.


  • Did you participate in any marketing initiative of the hotel?  Even data entry, helper on event day is fine
  • Tell us what event was that and what’s the purpose of the event?
  • What was highlight of the event?
  • Did you know impact / result of the event?

Also, I worked as a secretary in Student's Union when I was in Grade 10. In that year, I enriched my communication skills by working with a team of people, together, we came up with different activities, functions for students to enjoy and promote our association, and I enjoyed it a lot. With the help of the subjects I study, my experience and my passion can successfully take up the job of marketing no matter in academic or social aspect.

  • Name an important activity you came up as part of the student union
  • Why was it important?  Is it important to the school community or social community or what
  • What was your role in the activity?
  • What were the lessons learned in the activity?  The lesson learn is usually about delivering results under resources constraint, resources mean money, time an d manpower. 


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