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Henry Kwok
Rockway Mennonite Collegiate,Canada
“I would like to say special thanks to Maxway, in particularly to Ophelia and Janice’s care over these weeks. They are professional and people care.”
Stella Wu
Golden Hills School Division,Canada
“Carols was accepted by the school in such a short period of time. Thank you very much for your professional services and support.”
Vicki Liu
Bellevue Community College,US
“Thank you very much for your help. Robin is doing well and has grown up a lot! He will now do cooking and grocery shopping himself! Most importantly, he hasn’t been late for classes!! Next time when you see him, I am sure you will think he has matured a lot as well.”
Amy Ho
Golden Hills School Division,Canada
“I really have to thank you specially for helping my daughter pursuing study in Canada. I am so pleased and so does Tammy, she is enjoying her new life and I found she has matured so much over these few weeks.”