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Cross Cultural Communication Skill is Vital for Employment

University education is becoming a commodity and no longer guarantees a prosperous career. When everyone has a degree, what it takes to out win fellow university graduates in job interviews? Do you know what employers are looking for?

Citeria for Selection of University Graduates by Enterprises
Cross Cultural Communication Skill 94.75%
Innovative and Analytic skills 79.50%
Presentation skills 57.50%
Professional knowledge 23.00%
Source:《大學生就業力2010》調查報告, City University of Hong Kong

According to City University of Hong Kong’s survey, more than 90% of employers deem cross cultural communication skill as the most important consideration, while only 23% employers rank professional knowledge as the most important asset for a fresh graduate employee.

Study Abroad Trains Cross Cultural Communication Skill

Study abroad is an experience to sharpen one’s cross cultural communication skill because it allows you to be immersed in another culture and gain a wider perspective of your own culture.

Just like one of Maxway’s student, Eric, who returned from studying in Canada, says, “the interactive and diversified teaching methods in Canada are definitely thought provoking. Teachers often play the role of facilitators during class, lots of discussions and interaction take place amongst the students. So, learning becomes a collaborative process rather than straight from the books... Study abroad of course gave me an advantage in my career ahead” Discussions allow Eric to gain a better understanding of Canadian culture and widen his mind set. It also provides Eric an opportunity to communicate with different types of people.