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Shortcut to TOP universities

Comparison of 2 entrance path to universities
  Entering universities through community colleges Entering universities directly Advantages of entering universities through community colleges
  • About HK$130K
  • About HK$330K
  • Expenses in community college are only half of expenses in university.
  • Only need HK$400K to finish a bachelor’s degree
Class Size
  • 20-30
  • Several hundred
  • More personal attention
  • Professor
  • Courses are usually taught by graduate students or teaching Assistant
  • Better learning results
Admission Requirements
  • SAT is not required by community colleges and transfer universities
  • Sost universities require SAT score
  • Suitable for HK Public Exam examinees who don’t have enough time to prepare SAT
Application Deadline
  • Jul or Nov
  • February
  • Suitable for students who will only consider oversea education after HK Public Exam results published
Commencement Date
  • Sep or Jan
  • September
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