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How to choose the right school?

So many types of high schools: Exchange program, private schools and boarding schools.

What are the differences? How should I choose?

  Exchange Program Private School Boarding School
Tuition, Room & Board HK$220K per year HK$120-370K per year HK$175-350K per year
Application Deadline Dec 1(January intake)
July 15 (September intake)
Continuous Jan 15 (in general)
Duration 1 years Until G12 graduation Until G12 graduation
Admission Age 15-18 students Grade 1-12 Grade K-12
Housing Homestay Homestay Dorm
  • Moderate $
  • Can choose top public schools in California and Arizona
  • Pay deposit only after knowing school
  • Great language & international students support compared to traditional Exchange program
  • Guarantee to have diploma & transcript for further education
  • Homestay and school placement can be altered according to needs
  • In between exchange program and board schools in terms of price and learning environment
  • Well prepared for top universities
  • Dynamic learning environment, enriched curriculum
  • Stimulating students’ interest in learning
Suitable for what kind of students
  • Suitable for those that wants to go to California or Arizona
  • Believe in personalized education yet may be difficult for the family to afford boarding school$
  • Believe in personalized education, always challenge to reach higher, discover untapped potential


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