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Why study in the US

Widely recognized

  • More than 1/3 of the top 100 universities in the world are based in the US.  (Click here for details)


  • Choice of major
  • 3700+ post secondary institutions, including public universities, private universities, liberal arts colleges, major specific institutions, etc.
  • Society

Soft skills that make you employable

  • Students are evaluated in a multi-facet manner, such as presentations, team projects, research paper, etc. rather than just by exams.
  • All these are good training for soft skills, such as communication, team working, problem solving, public speaking and critical thinking skills.
  • These skills are most valued by employers in a knowledge based society but very much lacked of in most local Chinese graduates.
Can choose major based on interest
  • Students of any major are required to take general education covering different disciplines during their first 2 years of university.
  • With such exposure, students can choose major based on their interests rather than grades of 1 public exam only
Flexibility in changing majors
  • Credit based education system gives flexibility
  • In general, if you change major by 2nd year university, you can switch what you studies as another major’s electives as each major has up to 1/3 of credits are electives.
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