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1.Applicant admitted to UC Berkeley (US News Ranking: 21) Before  After
2.Applicant admitted to EmoryUniversity (US News Ranking: 17) Before After
3.Applicant admitted to McMasterUniversity in Canada Before After
4.Applicant admitted to St. Andrew’s College, a top Canadian High Schl. Before After

Writing Tips

  1. Don’t “thesaurus-ize” your essay. Do use your own voice.
  2. Don’t bore the reader. Do be interesting
  3. Show, don’t tell
  4. Do be concise.
  5. Don’t use slang, yo! Write an essay, not an e-mail
  6. Do vary your sentences and use transitions.
  7. Do use active-voice verbs
  8. Do seek multiple options from your friends and family, ask them to keep these questions in mind: Does my introduction engage the reader? Do I use concrete experiences as supporting details? Is my sentence structure varied? etc.
  9. Do answer the questions; don’t turn it into a complete autobiography.
  10.  Do revise, revise, revise.
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