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How to choose the right university?

According to latest statistics, there are over 3700 universities in US, how to choose the right university? In spite of test scores, what else should take into consideration?


o        University Type
  •  Research-focused vs teaching-focused: you should consider students’ interests and adaption ability.
  •  Liberal arts colleges vs. Traditional universities: liberal arts colleges are focused on teaching, but may not provide as much majors as traditional universities.
  • Specialized universities vs. Comprehensive universities: students majoring in design, film, engineering, Medicine, Politics should consider specialized universities.
o        # of students
  • Size of university is related to learning experience, teaching method and adaption skills.
  • Usually, public universities have 30,000 to 60,000 students, and focused on research, independent students with highly self management abilities are more suitable for them.
o        City vs. Suburban
  • Opportunities are rich in cities, but students’ control ability and adaption ability should also be taken into consideration.
  •  Students in suburban could study in a quiet learning environment, surrounded by students, and enjoy low living expenses.
o        Be a competitive graduate
  • Different majors have different requirements, e.g. working experience, research opportunities, exchange program, etc.
  • Students should not only care about university’s ranking information while ignore their requirements on the major
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